Treat your gun like your genitals, only whip it out when it’s absolutely necessary. From the pictures it really looked like there was supposed to be a jack at the end of the antenna PCB. Where it says “snap outward”, you really only need to pry outward a little bit, then push the small innter tab in the other direction to free it. My DWL-G does not work. How ever this card does not registre in netstumbler. I’m just curious here. Also, I connected the external antenna to each of the onboard leads, and neither seemed to give any better performance than the other, so I suspect that it doesn’t matter which one you use.

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Its the same stuff the Lucent people get to use. The other is connected straight to a small swivel antenna. You pay D-Link price, you get Gemtek quality. Similar Access Point made by Gemtek: Don’t know what WZC is, but this isn’t entirely normal behavior.

When that failed, I searched for all items between and mhz created in the last year use the advanced search. Use thin tools and very little force. But the driver is by Ralink technology inc.


That’s all i needed to test my square parabolic reflector with the Belkin at the focal point Other things about this hardware. This had excellent results.

Anyway, if this does make it to him, here’s some info about the adapter: You also need the pcmcia-cs package just to compile the wvlan driver. You could probably disconnect both PCB antennas and just use the external antenna, but I wanted to maintain one for everyday use around the house. I was hoping to find a good example of how someone did this in a real production on the FCC pages.

PC2 just recently went wireless, and got a new version 4 card from linksys. Finally I ran across a company called Gemtek, which is what happens to be printed on the D-Link card. I have copies should the FCC take these offline. Personally, I wouldn’t know. The pertinent schematics are on sheet 5 of the USB board stuff here. NS Icons Explained et hoc genus omne http: Would’ve like to have sent the Compat rept directly to the author, but when I launch NS, it immediately kills my working and only net connection via WiFi.


Are you using this for wardriving in some kind of carputer? Users browsing this forum: Just solder it right on the card.

Galtronics WNG-USB-102

Google [Bot] and 5 guests. It uses a chipset from Marvell called Libertas 88W We al280 do basically the same thing – leave one PCB anteanna in tact, and replace the other with an external jack.

Obviously I should have looked there first. As you can see from the picture of the USB board, they just left one antenna lead empty.

Atmel AT76CA based wireless USB devices

It would be nice to better match a given antenna to this card. You’ll need to trim the gray plastic case that snaps together to allow it to fit through. It’s kind of a pain. The schematics don’t appear to match the hardware in the picture, but I could be mistaken. And best of all, it has a free connector on the end.