Anyway, thank you for your fast response and for to share this project. You should see files in there like mondrian. I deliberately architected mondrian as an engine, so that it could be embedded into another application or server and inherit those services from that application. Hello Roland, I am trying to run xmondrian but as some of the comments before mine I am having this error: For my use i need a JavaScript-component.

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You can choose one from here: It’s not particularly valuable to me but it’s also not of very high quality that’s why I’d rather not share it. Newer Post Older Post Home. If you do not have XMLA or if you need some advanced features such as increased loading speeds, use of credentials, etc.

Running Mondrian Standalone While Pentaho, Jaspersoft and Meteorite all do a good job of integrating Mondrian inside their respective BI servers, some people would like to run only Mondrian directly in their java servers. Hi Dimas, for source code, please checkout the mondrian project https: Posted by Roland Bouman at Saturday, March 19, Github – Mondrian issue The result is called xmondrian which you can find xmka github.


And finaly, how to connect to the mondrian server? This mondriian have to do with the fact that the Mondrian documentation has not been very well maintained and still refers to the.

(Mondrian OLAP Engine, version TRUNK-SNAPSHOT)

It needs to be repackaged a bit — it still lives within the mondrian codebase, in the mondrian. The last part is very important.

Sign up using Facebook. They say that Xmpa 4 is no longer shiped with a deployable WAR file and the schema has big changes.

If you mondiran an object you wish to pass in, then you register it with the lock box, and the lock box gives you a string moniker to reference that object. Please use the github issue tracker to provide your feedback.

The environment in which I have tried: First, I discovered and fixed a few bugs in mondrian’s olap4j driver; this will make the olap4j driver more stable for everyone. Java heap space at org.

Connecting to Mondrian Server through XMLA

Spen 1, 2 19 But the XMLA server, as its name suggests, performs some of the functions that one associates with a server. The XMLA protocol is heavy and exchanges a lot of excessive information — it takes too much time and memory to load and process the data. What’s inside XMondrian Once you’re on the XMondrian homepage, you can find more information about what’s inside, but I’ll summarize below: But I’ve provided the hook where this functionality can be added, and I encourage you in the mondrian community to contribute that functionality.


I have not yet extended olap4j to include them: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Roland Bouman’s blog: Need a Mondrian .WAR? Check out XMondrian.

Hi Roland, Thank you for your work, it helps me a lot. I’m doing that with a simple ant script. Here are some instructions for common Java servers:.

This is no accident: We made big data transfer from the server to the browser incredibly fast.

Mondrrian you have created your own Role object to do customized access-control, you cannot pass in the object, you have to pass in the name of a role already defined in the mondrian schema or a comma-separated list of role names.

It contains three new pieces of functionality. Roland I could not solve the problem on my Windows but I installed an Ubuntu partition on my pc and now it works perfectly.