Multimedia Filters and Codecs Licensing – General. Tested in many situations here It was amazing how long it took to get computer media frameworks to support B-frames. Multimedia Filter and Codec Licensing. So three years on and I’m still looking for a really good VFW lossy codec All you need to do is:

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I have tried installing mjpegcodecv3. I get sound but just a black screen for video. UnwinderMay 19, Hi there, Thanks for that. They seem to work ok, they record audio, take photos, and they record an AVI file for video High-speed compression intraframe onlyquick random access to every frame when searching, and the ability to generate a lossless stream enable this codec to be used for wide range of applications such as real time video capturing, video conferencing, remote monitoring and medical imaging.

Best MJPEG VFW Option? [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

Only sound, no images. Yes, my password is: Do you have any idea where I can find it? FreycinetMay 19, So three years on and I’m still looking for a really good VFW lossy codec Log in or Sign up.


SilithasAug 31, Thank you for your feedback! Please fill out the form again to start a new chat.

So annoying that I cannot contact the Morgan developer MagicYUV is – as you say – lossless. Just wanted to add that I’ve done lots of testing for video games at true p60 and the only one that ever impressed mjepg was xvfw.

Valid email is required e. FreycinetMay 18, Multimedia Filter and Codec Licensing.

Thank you for the feedback! In my tests, if I feed x the same frame in sequence, the encode is very, very slightly different on each frame.

If your matter is urgent please come back into chat. Question cannot be empty. Ideally I need 4: The major media type for both the encoder and the decoder is. Hi all, Have been really enjoying myself with the Afterburner Beta video capture function: I have attempted to contact the Morgan codec’s developer but despite having fronted up my money, there is literally no reply from support whatsoever.


Anyone know a Good MJPeg Codecs for VirtualDUB???

It has multi-core support, 4: Problems with Conversion Preview. Frame Rate Control Filter.

First name is required. CineForm is the obvious choice, but its VFW codec is single-threaded and it has nowhere near the performance of its DirectShow counterpart, and I’ve had issues actually getting the CineForm DS codec to work with capture tools that support DirectShow compressors.

How have you tested this? Thanks guy above that said you only need ffdshow! Video games running at 30fps, but captured at 60fps will display consecutive identical frames.