The second is a native application component. Each client only needs network access to the SQL Server machine. TraceLogFlush Contact Minisoft support before changing this value. A typical JDBC driver is a set of these classes, plus some support classes, contained in an archive. Select the Connection tab as shown in Figure 25 and enter your valid user login information and select Test Connection.

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Purchase of this license does not transfer minisoct right, jjdbc, or interest in the software product to the Customer except as specifically set forth in the License Agreement, and Customer is on notice that the software product is protected under the copyright laws. This is because you never need to know what the internal name is–you always access the minisort through its interface. By adding an item, you can access any portion of the Record Buffer as any data type. A Schema file maybe needed for a TurboImage database for redefining items in a database such as: Then click Add File as shown in Figure Startup Parameters Startup parameters are characters or combinations of characters included on the command line or in a startup parameter field.


Page 93 Sample Application Anwar, Inc.

These messages monisoft capable of driving incremental revenue through relevant cross and up-sell offers. Crystal Reports three table join To create a three table inner join in Crystal Reports, you will need to add an OuterJoin key to your registry.

This information is such things as the number of columns in each row of the result set and the layout of each column. The available properties are:. You will now be able miniskft do a three table or more inner join in Crystal Reports. The other is an application specific server. Downloads Demos and Updates.

Minisoft opens ’s databases to Java

The ResultSetMetaData class contains methods to gather information about a result minisof. Controls whether a prompt dialog for the access list is displayed when adding to a schema, table, or column in the security list.

Enter connection information as shown in Figure If auto-commit is on, then each statement executed with executeUpdate method will be committed immediately. Why do I get a nonexistent permanent file error message?

Java can be confusing initially because of jbc distributed nature, and knowing what is running where and how to use it can be a bit of a hurdle getting started. After that, the code is driver independent. Language This value is used for sort order processing on the server. Edits the connection configuration. If a connection is made, a Connection object is returned.


Minisoft® Middleware ODBC/32® Driver JDBC Driver OLE DB Data

Linked servers also are very useful in developing queries that retrieve data from many different databases on many different machines. Users in this list may add records to the table.

Each client machine would need minisotf access to the HP e SQL statements will allow you to access files in a number of different databases. Here is an example using a DatabaseMetaData object to retrieve the names of all the tables in a database: The parameters are numbered, starting at 1, in the order they appear in the statement.

Then click Add Database. Page 84 Figure 7. Connecting to a database Now that the driver is registered with the DriverManager, you can request a connection to a database. The classes are the common components of JDBC. Web Dimension consists of the following:.