The Alienware M is a full featured, high performance gaming notebook. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Hot Hardware Overall, it is hard to be anything but impressed by Alienware’s latest gaming notebook. The right side has the headphone jack, mic jack, volume control knob, surround sound ports, optical port and a single USB 2. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Also for more details google a service manual for the Arima WDA.

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Though the m’s display wasn’t the best we’ve tested, it delivered good brightness and very good contrast. The design of the is stunning.

On the right side of the notebook you will find the control center for all of the audio outputs. Mobility Guru Things are getting pretty exciting at MobilityGuru these days.

Alienware M Review

Does Mobile Chipdet Coolly Source: At idle, it is almost silent. However, you could roast a weenie behind the exhaust port of this laptop. I was able to enter the BIOS configuration screen, but after I exit, it freezes m97000 screen and the same problem again. Add to this the notebook’s cool Alienware styling and you’ve at least got to consider buying one if you need a solidly performing mobile gaming or graphics computer.

And you know what else? Almost every facet of this laptop is customizable from the paint to the components, through Alienware during configuration, or aftermarket depending on what kind of a machine you need.


It’s an archetypal desktop replacement. Not an IT pro? First and foremost, Alienware makes a very attractive computer.

Alienware Aurora m9700

Any one have any ideas? From my experience with the M, subtract about 8 degrees from that figure as well from the 3d06 temps, which will be shown later. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

Chipste SLI based Aurora m did very well on our performance tests. I’m cchipset i chkpset see the pics, what was the 3dmark score and would you consider it safe to put two gtxs in with good thermal greasing? Alienware homepage Alienware notebook section. The physical feel and look of this notebook is first class and even the most ham-fisted gamer will look like a pro when gaming with the Aurora m Discussion in ‘ Alienware ‘ started by ichimeNov 26, I am going to be a freshman in college come fall, and the just really seemed like a good choice for me.

At this point I’m chipaet upgrading to a single as the score is just a few hundered points from my SLI run see sig. I had always wanted to get an Alienware, and I figured this was the best time to get one. In my use thus far, I have encountered no problems with speed or bottlenecking while running multiple programs.


Laptop Logic In closing, I say that if you can afford this kind of a machine, go for it. Have Comments about Windows 7 Beta Rating posts helps other users. The battery life on this computer is about what I expected for such a big, high performance gaming laptop. I am going to be a freshman in college come fall, and the just really seemed like a good choice for me.

It seems that this was one of the engineering samples and testing was out of the question. Problem with most laptops is that they have laptop specific video cards to fit the structure of each laptop so they’re specificly made for them.

Alienware Aurora m9700 laptop chipset drivers

I did the same for my GS’s. I know it’s more sensible to change laptop entirely but this seems like more fun! Looking at the Alienware Aurora notebook sitting on the table it looks like nearly every other notebook on the market.

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