Your name or email address: Jan 10, Messages: But that is fiction for now. The box continues to boot In some cases, users have come to the forum inquiring about a many-port controller where some combination would do.

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Command Queueing enabled ses0: I replied on the article about the ServeRaid 10 BRi instead of using the forum so apologies for that.

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The error recovery code isn’t complete. I can confirm that it can’t be flashed with IT firmware by the usual method. In some cases, users have come to the forum inquiring about a many-port controller freebad some combination would do. I’m afraid to need a little more support to flash that BIOS, right?

Confused about that LSI card? Join the crowd …

You could build a TB server with that. Confused about that LSI card? I’ll have to try SE11 again, as I never went far enough with it to try installing the driver manually. And i need an HBA i can recycle for the final server.

If you have limited PCI-express slots you may prefer the port one, though. It prompted my two Chenbro expanders as enclosures but didn’t list any of the drives.


But if you’re stuck with an LSI RAID controller, here’s some hopefully helpful information because you’re probably sitting there wondering “what now.

LSI 1068e vs 2008 in JBOD

You can look under SAS Topology at your attached disks, but really there’s not a whole lot to be seen here in IT mode. The LSI E is your safest choice right now.

Hello Jason, you got the point accurately! I have to look freeebsd a motherboard which can stack three of theese HBA’s too. Thread starter jgreco Start date Mar 19, Posted on 8 September First thing I’d do is try flashing to the latest firmware, either from IBM’s site or from LSI’s site in the i section – either one, they’re identical.

lsl MetalunaJan 2, But there’s rough edges with many of these cheap controllers: It depends on your expectations as well of course. Within FreeBSD, that’ll probe as a controller serviced by the mps driver, and the drives will appear as normal “daX” devices and appear in “camcontrol devlist”, so pretty straightforward pleasure there.


Posted on 4 February What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. No, create an account now. And once they do update the FreeBSD driver you need to either compile it yourself or wait for FreeNAS to include it at which time I’m sure they’ll update the readme to list the required firmware version.

Can’t finde Firmware for LSI E(C0) (Orcale Sun F20) – Enterprise Gear – Level1Techs Forums

Lenovo 67Y is a barely re-branded LSI i. I found this one with one external SFF connector only. Sometimes the driver gets into a state where devices arrive and depart multiple times, without user intervention. The only thing I can come up with is that, since the has a PCIe 2.

I couldn’t find any instructions in the firmware download. PatrickJan 2, Hey Frank, Looks like a decent tradeoff. In fact that is the only 1068ee to the L8i.