For The Bypass Tray Load the desired paper into the tray. To change the number of copies to be made, remove the paper from the Bypass Tray and then reload it. Replacing the Drum Cartridge Grab both sides of the paper, and then carefully pull out the sheet of paper. Compatible printer models Product details Description.

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Operation Precautions A negligible amount of ozone is generated during normal operation of this machine. Use of any supply or consumable not recommended could result in poor image quality and machine breakdown. Loading Paper When munolta additional paper, remove any paper remaining in the drawer, place it on top of the new paper, and then align the paper in the stack well before loading it into the drawer. Default Settings Number of copies: Close the Front Cover.

Remove the protective cover from the Toner Cartridge. Available Features The main copy settings available with this machine are listed below. The trademarks used on our website are used solely for the description of products. Remove the Bypass Tray.

Page Do not touch the PC drum under the flap of the Drum Cartridge, otherwise decreased image quality may result. When paper is loaded into the Bypass Tray, the paper size and type must be specified, otherwise paper size error may occur. Do not throw the toner cartridge or toner into an open flame. Copy Paper Specify the size and type of paper that is loaded. This device must be used with shielded interface cables. Manufacturer not on the list? The hot toner may scatter miinolta cause burns or other damage.


Load the documents removed in step 2 back into the tray.

Konica Minolta Di1610 User Manual

All product names and brands are registered trademarks of their respective owners. The paper is damp. Repeat steps 11 and We recommend replenishing the paper only after all of the paper in the drawer has been used.

Precautions For Routine Use Do not touch or scratch the surface of the toner unit developing roller and the PC drum, as poor image quality could result. Checking The Machine Status Displays the total number of pages copied since this machine was installed. To return to the minota message, press the [No] key.


Loading Paper Into Tray1 the side facing up when the package was unwrapped faces up. The length of time before the machine enters the Energy Save mode can be set between 1 min and min. This symbol warns against dismantling the device. For details, contact your service representative. Years of experience and competence since Non-Sort The default settings can be customized from the Utility mode.


Toner cartridge for Konica Minolta Dialta Series

Legal Restrictions On Copying In addition, it is prohibited under any circumstances to copy domestic or foreign currencies, or works of art, without permission of the copyright owner. The copy has dark specks or spots.

User Manual pages. This is a semiconductor laser.

Toner for Konica Minolta Dialta 1610

When in doubt about the nature of a document, consult with legal counsel. Warning Do not throw the toner cartridge or toner into an open flame. Model selection – Select a manufacturer 16610.