The Blancpain SuperTrofeo has three races in each weekend, so round 4,5,6 were cancelled means that the Brno entire round is scrapped. A quick Google shows there have been many, many crashes in Lambo road cars that have resulted in fires. The first concern a colleague had when he saw the driver flailing about was, “What!? Anonymous Friday, May 28, 6: Lamborghini , Super Trofeo at 9:

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On a good note, Giorgio Bartocci was transported to a Hospital in Brno in intensive care, as he was stabilized he was sent back home raing Rome to where he has stayed recovering from this horror accident. Aanenvaimennin Number of posts: Tristan Monday, May 31, AC Friday, May 28, 6: I’m sorry but I think thats just daft.

Photos of Giorgio Bartocci’s cars

But nothing is said for the other championship events IMHO. Yeah saw this a while back.

The driver of car number 22, Giorgio Bartocci, was taken to hospital following an accident at the start of the first race of the weekend. LamborghiniSuper Trofeo at 9: What is worse than the crash and the seatbelt failure is the complete incompetance of the marshals and safety crew.

Brno Circuit , Giorgio Bartocci accident | ligreq | Flickr

Falkirk, Scotland Registration date: Zizzo Friday, May 28, A quick Google shows there have been many, many crashes in Lambo road cars that have resulted in fires. No problem, bbartocci on one of the best blogs on the net you can find a mistake sometimes: Trust it to be his team with normal clothes on who wanted to get in there to get him out and another driver who stopped.


Look at the picture below and you see his head was outside the car as it came to rest and the rescue operations such as they were began The main thing is he wasn’t killed and is recovering from burns at home, alive. Just shows how rzcing the quality of marshalling is in the UK ans US in comparison to many other places.

Port St John, Florida Registration date: Lamborghini issued the following statement gacing the incident. Had a number of examples that weekend of the sheer inadequacy.

There is much speculation over the structural integrity of the Gallardo LP race cars following the horrific crash at Brno, especially after the publication of still pictures from the incident. Anonymous Friday, May 28, 6: Then the safety jeep comes along and then nearly runs over one of the guys who got out of it who went to the boot.

The biggest concern is the fire and we wonder if the cars are equipped with fuel cells or if they have normal street type tanks. I read that some people said they would prefer to be left there and removed properly than to be dragged out randomly and in a hurry incase more damage was caused. This crash is just unbelievably horrible, on top of crashing on the first lap in pole position Giorgio Bartocci’s safety belts break during the crash throwing him half way out the door, and then the bartoccci in engulved gorgio flames, making the situation eerily similar to a 60’s, 70’s crash.


Bagtocci car clearly failed but it must also be said it hit the right at the juncture of raccing guard rail and the cement pit lane wall and if not for the fire, the driver would have had relatively minor injuries. Ironically, the driver may have survived the fire thanks to that harness failure.

May 27, Safety concerns with Lamborghini Super Trofeo cars. It took about a minute from the crash to get some proper heavy fire hoses onto the burning car and to get the guy out. The first concern a colleague had when he saw the driver flailing about was, “What!? Ed Marshall Friday, May 28, 1: I mean, its like they don’t see him hanging there. Where are the window nets?