Laptop has Light Scuffs and Light Scratches. The front of the notebook view large image. Back of the dvz view large image. I on occasion found it difficult to use as there is no tactile way of knowing where it is. The Turion64 X2 appears to lag behind the Core Duo at least by this measurement. There are two battery options for the dvz; a six or a 12 cell battery.

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The drive has a restore partition which takes a little over nine GB of space. The coating likes fingerprints very much, but they are easily wiped away. I noticed no lag or slowdown.

Rega IT HP PAVILION DVZ CTO DVEA CPU Cooling Fan Cooler – Rega IT :

An HP AC adapter will be included. You would have no problem gathering around some friends to watch a DVD or listening to music.

The screen on this machine is a little dim. It is sunken into the palm rest. When using it on my lap, it seemed most of the weight of the notebook rested where the battery was in contact with my legs. When in use it would at times lock into only go up and down, but not right or left. It was worst when the room was dark when I could not see where it was located.


HP Pavilion dv Specs – CNET

I threw Half-Life 2: You can burn off the recovery discs, but you can only do it once. The dvz has the MB Nvidia go card. So far this one does not have a mark on it.

This dvz has the optional webcam and microphone. It also has 2GB of memory which helped iron out any performance hiccups.

HP Pavilion DV6000 RAM

Visit our network of sites: Libre Office and Firefox installed. Multitasking on it ran efficiently.

The AC adapter view large image. Firefox would have been a nice option since it is pretty much second banana to Internet Explorer, but I am not complaining.

HP Pavilion dv6000z Review (pics, specs)

They sit atop the screen. The front of the notebook view large image. There are two battery options for the dvz; a six or a 12 cell battery. The drive was a bit slow reading discs which is not ctp for laptop drives. If you lift your finger or swirl it on the touchpad it would usually go away.


The bottom dv6000zz the dvz with the panels and hard drive removed. The dvz is under the VT for size comparisions view large image.

A full DVD burns in From my own personal experience with the HP notebooks I have owned and fixed, they are at least fairly decent. The HP dvz view large image.

The HP Quickplay buttons view large image. The plastic lid does not offer a lot of screen protection if you were to drop or otherwise harm it. The case is very curvy and smooth. I have definitely seen better quality.