Intelligent serial bus auto setup: Serial Pattern Trigger user defined: Power supply analysis function includes G2 4 ch model only. Waveform Search Criteria Edge, edge with conditions , state pattern, pulse width, state width, serial bus only on models with the serial bus analysis option. Trigger on the 7th edge of signal on B. A compact “personal oscilloscope” designed for easy viewing and ease of use.

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It’s ergonomic andeasy to use,and packedwithfeatures. No practical limit One-click reporting: Also, snapshot data recorded on screen can be saved or loaded as files, and can be recalled for use as reference waveforms when making comparisons. Just want to view waveforms? User dlm20244 math 4 ch model only.


Switching Loss Analysis Utilizing the long memory capability, voltage and current waveforms over long cycles can be input for computation of switching loss V t X i t. This license is only valid for 4 ch models.

Also, the portrait format saves space on the desk or test bench. Inputs supported for serial bus analysis. Yes EDA analysis compatibility: Trigger on an arbitrarily set pattern of up to bits.


Yokogawa DLM2024

This lets you get help on functions and operations on screen without having to consult the user’s uusb. Simultaneous analyses of four different busses: You can press the key repeatedly and conveniently leave traces for comparing multiple waveforms. Display trends of peak-to-peak or pulse width per cycle.

Signal Observation on 4 channels or more With 4 ch With 2ch for DLM20x2. UART trigger and analysis 4 ch model only. Analysis can be performed of the frequency components of waveforms filtered for limited bandwidth, of frequency for changes in period of rotary objects, and other phenomena.

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Yokogawa is a leading manufacturer of oscilloscope hardware. You can select low pass or high pass filters.

For NO-GO, actions can be carried out at the same time such as sounding a buzzer, saving the current waveform, or sending notification to a designated e-mail address. Power supply analysis function includes G2 4 ch model only.

The image and file names are shown so that you can view screen image contents while copying or deleting files. We elevated the large 8.


Also, using the Auto Scroll function, you can dl2024 scroll waveforms captured in long memory and change the zoomed location. FlexRay trigger and analysis 4 ch model only.

That’s why the DLM series does not simply offer long memory, it also provides powerful waveform search functions. Triggers for embedded systems and in-vehicle bus signals are supported along with decode display analysis serial bus analysis option only on 4 ch models.

Real time Filter with optimum noise reduction supports a wide range of frequencies from 8 kHz to MHz. Zoom two locations simultaneously Because the DLM series lets you set zoom factors independently, you can display two zoomed waveforms with different time axis scales at dlmm2024 same time. Power supply analysis function 4 ch model only. Intelligent serial bus auto setup: Searching for history waveforms: A file can be enlarged to confirm the data.