ABS parts can be sanded, milled, drilled, tapped, painted and even electro-plated. What colors are available? You have 2 drives now correct? Discuss with the community Help with the technical development on GitHub If you have instead messages regarding the technical development or bugs of the platform, we would ask you to discuss these on the Fablabs. If you need instead to contact the administrators of Fablabs. I think this one is garbage now.

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Custom colors also available. Good morning, Dimejsion have a Dimension bst Site feedback category we would also love to hear your ideas and suggestions regarding Fablabs. After completion of the build, support structures are simply removed.

Support structures can be inserted into the 3D model in places that would otherwise be empty space in a moving part, such as the spaces between gear teeth. I have opened this tar. The software automatically plots a precise deposition path for the printer to follow.

An agitation system that utilizes hot water and a soap bath automatically washes away the support structures.


How can support structures be used to create moving parts? No modifications are required on your end. This might be your lucky day.

Dimension BST | FabLabs

What are the benefits of ABS plastic? What material is used? I agree with you, a quality device.

It is used to fill voids and maintain support as necessary as the 3D model is being built. What happens to the support structures after the model is completed? ABS prototypes provide dimennsion higher level of precision then models produced with photo chemicals, wax or other forms of 3D printing.

I am lost right now and need my machine back. Models made of ABS plastic are tough enough to be used as working parts.

Was hoping to find someone with the same machine that could dimeension or someone with parts. So yeah I would been willing to help. The maximum size of each build is 8 x 8 x 12 inches x x mm.

Join the development E-mail the administrators If you need instead to contact the administrators of Fablabs. Reply CheckerJim Informant Posts: Discuss with the community You can ask for support 7768 the administrators and the whole community in the Fablabs. Oh good luck on Stratasys contacting you. Also does your bst drive boot? What are the support structures and how do they work? What colors are available? I have only worked in windows.


Model Material Dimension BST 768 – Refill for Stratasys ABS P400

What size models can be created? You can ask for support to the bsy and the whole community in the Fablabs. There are other ways to do this. Stratasys Dimension BST You have to keep all the file attributes.

Here are few suggestions about how we can help you and how you can participate and talk with us if you have any question or problem regarding the Fablabs.