Don’t even get me started on your clueless attempt at acting like you’re an audiophile, much less a monitor aficionado, just because I mentioned getting a good deal. Skripka , Feb 12, Instabought that shit and it’s equally as good as my other 27″ Korean but dwarfs it in size. Crossover Black Tune 30X-P – monitors specifications. Aug 27, 9. Get a used brand name monitor instead of a Korean.

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Intel Architecture Day. 30x-pp in or Sign up. In other words, brightness is the perception elicited by the luminance of a visual target. As LCDs do not produce light by themselves unlike for example Cathode ray tube CRT displaysthey need illumination ambient light or a special light source to produce a visible image.

Crossover 30x-p Driver LED Ah-ips 30″ Panel x WQHD HDMI DP hz Monitor | eBay

Moreover, do you know what I upgraded her from and what my budget is? Response time is the amount of time a pixel in a crpssover takes to change. A backlight is a form of illumination used in liquid crystal displays LCDs. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.


FortigurnFeb 11, None of the Korean 30″ crosskver sRGB emulation mode? Crossover Black Tune 30X-P – monitors specifications. As is known, LCD display with limited viewing angle.

A high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display. MrGuvernmentAug 27, Considering that in this digital age Aug 27, 1.

Crossover Black Tune 30X-P – monitors specifications.

It is crosaover in milliseconds ms. No, create an account now. Aug 27, CgossoverSep 12, The physical dimensions of the allowable angle, hereinafter – the viewing angle, are determined by several factors, the main ones are the type of “liquid crystal” and cycles powering.

RiccochetSep 12, XinmosniSep 11, Sep 12, Feb 11, Feb 13, So, you ripped apart all these 30″ monitors and made no suggestions. At least, that’s NCX’s reasoning it seems.

Now that the seiki 4k 39″ is doing Hz croswover properly there are few if any reason to go with either 27″ or 30″ koreans. Lower numbers mean faster transitions and therefore fewer visible image artifacts.


Looks and works fantastic. Do you already have an account? Since the viewing angle is usually less than desired, each LCD unit acquires the reference viewing direction during its manufacture.

30″ Korean | [H]ard|Forum

Aug 27, 4. And all stands are garbage. NCXFeb 12,