These answers to common connectivity questions will help you figure it all out. The other three cards pull power from the PC Card socket and are comparable in price and performance. Email required Address never made public. This was hardly good news if you’d paid good money for older equipment that would still work-if only you could plug it in-or if you had an old Mac that was incompatible with a tempting array of new equipment. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Overall processor speed dropped between 5 and 10 percent. Serial ports have 8, 9, or 25 pins and appear only on older Macs.

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There are a few ways to connect new Macs to older SCSI devices, which include external hard drives, scanners, printers, and Zip and Jaz drives. Use an old display and end up with a monitorless Mac?

How do I replace my KeyBoard once I get it? This site uses cookies.

This item can be returned for repair directly to the manufacturer after 14 Days. Some cards didn’t perform properly because they shipped with outdated drivers.

CompuCable ADB adapter conflicts with portable Macs – CNET

Overall processor speed dropped between 5 and 10 percent. If you have multiple Macs and are using one for tasks that don’t often require visual displays for example, running a server or burning CDsyou may want to share mini–adb monitor between machines.


WLM will handle all other customer issues. It supports data-transfer rates as fast as 10 Mbps.

An adapter is commonly a cable with one type of connector say, ADB on one end and ccompucable port for another type say, USB on the other.

Placing PCI cards in the slots takes a little more effort than plugging in an adapter, but none of the cards we tested posed any problems.

However, cpmpucable the time you read this article, Apple will most likely have released new drivers that fix the problem. This item is new in it’s original packaging. If your desktop Mac doesn’t have the kinds of port you need, you have two ways to add them: Compuxable a new Mac is exciting, but some of that sparkle fades when you introduce it to your older equipment and find that they don’t all speak the same lingo.

What do all those error codes mean? I want to run wireless on my Pismo laptop? Store by Solid Cactus. Click here for details. But eventually your old ADB keyboard, mouse, or joystick will shuffle off this mortal coil. Ethernet ports connect Macs to networks. Whatever your situation, you don’t think you have to connect to new USB devices. With Ethernet selected in the AppleTalk control panel, both Macs recognize the printer. Newer printers use Ethernet instead. How to identify what Hard Drive you have?


We Love Macs Address: How do I install the AirPort Card in different machines?

Mini USB-to-2-ADB Ports Adapter

Modem No More As long as you don’t need an internal modem, you can also add a serial port to compucbale blue-and-white G3 or a G4 without sacrificing one of its scarce PCI slots. Maybe it works just fine, maybe you can’t afford a new model.

LocalTalk ports connect LocalTalk printers at a poky Kbps. Just connect the monitor’s hardwired cable to the monitor-out port on the switchbox, and the two VGA monitor cables from the switchbox’s two input ports to the video-out ports on both Macs. With a month to month duty cycle of up to 15, pages, this printer can very compcuable take care of the workload of a smaller business although continue to remaining a single of the compuccable laser printers on the current market.

I have a iMac G5, what type of Hard Drive does it take?

Bridge the Gap Between New Macs and Old Devices – Computerworld

The term also describes the LAN local area network protocol from Apple. The 8-pin variety shown here is also known as mini-DIN.

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