The card has an amplifier which can be disabled with jumpers, as it should. I usually do not use headphones with early cards like the Blaster 1, 2, Pro. I basically meant this: And I am aware of the working-but-bitch-to-fit daughterboard header as well. The type of FM synthesis does not depend on the type of SB. Alternatively, use a diagnostic utility like NSSI 0.

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I found that a few games do not detect SB16 hardware on a system above MHz. I usually use Lucasarts’ setup programs to “detect” the sound card. Look in the sound drivers directory and it should be the first option. Normally I thought SB-Pro mode gives almost optimal sound in games, as the game samples are 8-bit anyways, but I do notice improvements when using WSS: Chaos engine SB not detected in setupMortal Kombat not all speech seems to work?

So I had a few questions. Board index All times are UTC. There are all or almost all Sound Blaster clones. Then there are some obscure cards by Avance Logic that do SB Oh the hiss – it starts the moment the PC is turned on and there’s nothing you can do to reduce it apparently – no mixer settings have the least impact on it. You guys just cannot resist bringing up Creative Labs hardware in my own Clone-Only topic.


Soundcard also sold as: If you don’t want to do this you can of course compile them into the kernel instead and save yourself the hassle of coming to terms with the rc init scripts.

Strangely, it made a mess of playing some MIDI music in conjunction with a Yamaha or clone daughterboard. I find the audio out too weak. AmiSapphireGoogle [Bot] and 1 guest.

Audio Excel CMI 8330 soundcard.

CMI analog sound is gruesome! The CT sounded good but again was let down by its wavetable header.

And “some cases” as you said are cases when earlier games don’t play sound in SB16 mode, they may be used on SB Pro. I got the feeling these are a bit crappy, but I don’t have one to test.

Cmedia (CMI) Cm driver – Cmedia (CMI) Sound Card Drivers – W95W31DOS_VZIP

But technically it would be nonsense. I saw one yesterday and it’s gone now, so people must be reading this thread. All this talk of retro components, and last night I played Doom This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I used it on i for checking and now I use it on i Sounx memory use at all and it just worked.


The only big difference is, instead of 8303 Excel it reads Analog Devices Soundport, is it any good? I usually do not use headphones with early cards like the Blaster 1, 2, Pro. Do you have the manual for it? Restart alsa, then open a music player, play a file and close the player.

Cmedia (CMI) Cm8330 Audio Driver

Next to that there are some extra tools that are a nice bonus, such as a wav player and a recording tool. The main reason I ended up reading this post is that I was looking for some reference to my first sound card.

Most people enable the module setting. For drivers older than 0. Suchlike way lets us to have full operability.