It is more flexible than the Speeder in stiff and I like the pop it gives the ball and the driving ball flight as well. Visit my eBay shop. If you hit a high ball, go with the red shaft. It hits nice controlled fades for me, that still have plenty of roll out. Thanks James for your comments.

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Cleveland HiBore XL Driver

I just swithed to a 9. Hey Gene, My first inclination was to tell you to go with the standard model, but your best bet would probably be to hit both of them on a launch monitor.

I feel extremely comfortable setting up with my XL. I guess the overall geg.tour is to get fitted.

Cleveland HiBore XL Tour 9.5 Degree Driver Stiff Flex Graphite 279979 Golf

I only ship domestically within US once payment received. Graphite shafts are more expensive and you’ll see this reflected in the RRP displayed.

Postage cost can’t be calculated. Every time I have hit the XL Pro it has produced a casual draw or a dead straight piercing ball flight that looks like it higore never stop rolling when it comes down.

I do not get my clubs for free like Mr. I am in the market for a complete new set this year, big 50 B-day present from my wife. There was at least 30 yard difference with the 9. I was hitting off a hibote into a net.


Cleveland Hibore XL Tour Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 41 reviews –

The Canadian ask hhibore if I would like to try it but I am not hitting very far yet. Remeber, swing your hands thru the ball and release from the top of the shaft. BTW- my current driver is a Jack Nicklaus that came with the set If you want to hit higher, hit higher on the clubface.

Average off the tee is about with a slight at time too much of a draw. Happy as can be and handicap going down real soon. If you still have the grafalloy shaft and liked it, try putting it in the new XL.

They are actually now selling them as non-conforming. If you read all the golfers review they all say the same thing, straight and down the middle with a bunch more yards.

The only thing that has been close for me is the Sumo, also a 16 degree stiff. Also, are these a draw bias club or offset? Conversely, every single XLS Tour we checked was on to within.

Cleveland Hibore Tour XL Reg Shaft – For Sale Archive-For Feedback Reference – GolfWRX

Other than that, I think I might just go test one out myself. I can give it a real heave and miss the center by a half inch or more, and still get the fairway. But with my graffaloy with a cobra head volume do not happen.


He use to hit yards with a horrendous slice but now goes down the center. Filmed myself in the backyard i am blessed with a large, unused field behind my house that I have converted into a driving rangethen sat down to see if I could see what the problem was. They then go another extra step in providing two different types: You currently have javascript disabled.

I thought the hubore and clevelajd were terrible.

Nice review you put in here. Launch angle was around 14 degrees. Used and in very good to excellent condition. Giving a clevelnad hard swing at the 1st hole saw the ball slicing off. The gold shaft has an active tip and I swing the driver averaging mph and I just launched the ball too high for my liking.