It’s much more flexible and offers many more options, though the price for this is a steeper learning curve and less intuitive interface. NO, or at least so little that it’s hard to tell. Hidden treasure Usually when it comes done to film scanner, most of people will say Nikon. Preview Window The Preview window is where the remaining scanning actions take place. Good value, high quality scans, but slow. The Grain page lists several software remedies , most notably Neat Image — a truly outstanding program. I’m beginning to think my scanner is defective since I cannot reproduce this effect using the Polaroid scanner.

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CanoScan FS4000US

You should run the Uninstall progrem to remove earlier versions before installing 1. Mac OS X, with a different memory management architecture, has no such problem. Loss of or damage to the Product due to abuse, neglect, mishandling, improper packaging by you, alteration, accident, electrical current fluctuations, improper use, failure to follow operating or maintenance instructions in, or environmental conditions prescribed in, Canon USA’s user’s manual or other documentation, or services performed by someone other than a Canon USA repair facility or ASF.

Not only did the FS resolve more detail at the center of the frame than most scanners we’ve tested, but it was razor-sharp all the way to the corners as well. Canon decided to go they own way and developed similar technology from scratch – FARE.

A 6 mp digital camera image is x pixels or some permutation thereof. The first option is the Self Test feature, fs40000us instructs the FSUS scanner unit to perform a self diagnostic test.

Film Handling Like most film scanners we’ve tested, the CanoScan FSUS uses sturdy plastic slide and filmstrip holders to carry the film through the scanner. It’s over for film. Digital cameras are improving so fast that I doubt I’ll be using 35mm after If you want to scan 42 bit color images and need to process them to do color, density or histogram corrections, take the unprocessed output from the FSUS and use an image processing program that can handle processing 16 bit 48 bit color files.


If you have questions about the FSUS, you can contact me. Neither Filmget nor Vuescan will allow you to scan 35mm true panoramic negatives 24mm x mm in one scan, even though the filmholder windows are 72mm wide.

Canon CanoScan FSUS film scanner

Beyond its basic scanning resolution though, we also found the FS’s lens system to be one of the sharpest we’ve seen to date, and the overall resolution and detail delivered by the scanner is among the highest we’ve seen to date. Note to the Canon engineers: Your page has therefore been instrumental in putting us in touch with one another – thank you so much for putting my message on your page.

The illustration at right shows the effect of FARE on a very dirty piece of color negative film. Skip to main content.

Quite a few of the newer scanners do not have this feature and you have to manually frame each negative, that just adds to the time you are going to have to devote to scanning your negatives.

Without this play, I suppose it is possible that film manufactured just slightly wider than spec would be bowed in the holder. The control lines with arrows at each end map densities from the original to the output image.

If you press Enter or simply click on another area of the screen, the change is not kept. I even found a reflection of myself, twenty years younger. The FS is a bit slower than the fastest film scanners we’ve tested, but that’s about the only parameter in which its performance is the least bit off true professional standards.


Click csanner to download UK site. Settings, Device, and Help. Scroll down to see your support options.

This is useful for correcting for the slight rotation we’ve sometimes found between slidw and mount on poorly mounted slides. Its performance seems to be somewhere between the two: It was off for this scan; if it were turned on, the results would have been nearly identical to FilmGet.

Canon CanoScan FS4000US – film scanner Series

I was on the prowl for a negative scanner for about 2 years, my requirements were simple, it needed handle 35mm negatives and slides but also APS IX film cartridges. So it seems like a pretty open-and-shut case – it would appear that my unit is defective. Canon USA shall have no responsibility for such items except for compatible Canon brand peripheral equipment covered by a separate warranty “Separate Warranty”. The film adapter generally worked well, but we did find that we had a bit of trouble with film that was badly curled lengthwise.

While the scanning speed for each one is not quite as fast as some Nikon dpi scanners, the Nikon scanners I’ve seen posted on sales sites usually appear to have only the ability to scan a single slide at a time.

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