For those looking to go down the budget rode they can download Free firewall software like Comodo, and antivirus software like Avast or AVG. Youcam also lets you upload web cam recordings directly to youtube. In the case of a Nettop that will stay anchored in one spot, using an Intel Atom processor makes little sense. Perhaps you would argue energy efficiency. Most users would be better off buying a cheap laptop or low-end desktop, depending on one’s needs.

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On a related note, the web camera works well its images come out bright and clear. Adobe Photoshop CS3 image-processing test in seconds Shorter bars indicate better performance. Continue to next page 01 The keyboard is very compact and uncomfortable for anything longer than banging out a quick e-mail.

The display measures Averatec All-in-One D Five small buttons on the front edge let you mute and adjust the volume and screen brightness. Averatec’s sales e-mail address doubles as its support e-mail.

I own EnergyStar appliances, have replaced most of the light bulbs in my house with CFLs, and can often be seen turning out the light when I leave the room, but I’d view the Averatec Nettop as no better than a second system that you’d be running in addition to your primary system.


Compare These Apple iMac inch, Apple iMac inch With super-premium parts, this is both the fastest, and most expensive, VR-ready PC we’ve The Bottom Line Averatec’s The front panel of the base has controls like volume, mute, turn off LCD, and brightness level controls.

The small form factor Mac Mini costs less than ever, but isn’t as flexible as other Macs.

Review Sections Review Specs. Calls to technical support require a toll call; lines are open weekdays from 6 a.

Averatec All-in-one D1100 Series (Atom) Review

You can even multitask pretty well without the system slowing down. In the case of a Nettop that will stay anchored in one spot, using an Intel Atom processor makes little sense. Adobe Reader 8 also comes preinstalled along with a user guide pdf located right on the desktop. The Good Decent value if you only look at screen inches per dollar; good-looking design; integrated Wi-Fi. Alternatively this could make a great kitchen PC which you can easily move out of the way when needed.

In such a scenario, I’d argue that your total energy savings would be negligible. A cleaning cloth is included in the box to help keep things clean.

Averatec All-in-One D Specs – CNET

Likewise, the Averatec DEA1E-1 would be great for a first computer for the not so tech savvy grandparent. You can however find it on Buy. Attracts dust and fingerprints — but hardly a deal breaker, competing models are on their way out.


However we uninstalled Norton antivirus right away and installed Norton Internet Security. The design is sleek, modern, minimalist, and dv it look a lot more expensive than it is.

But with such an underwhelming configuration, you’re not able to take advantage of all that screen space to multitask or run any sort of demanding graphics app. Additionally you can plug in your own speakers or headphones.

You’ll need to unplug the system, however, and schlep the wired keyboard and mouse with you, too, but with integrated An efficient single-core Intel Atom processor makes sense in small Netbooks, where their small displays mean they won’t be used for more than a portable Internet device; in such a device, portability and battery life easily trump performance.

Although not quite as portable as a laptop, the Averatec DEA1E-1 can easily be moved around the house.

Still, it’s not like the Averatec’s Averatec’s latest all-in-one, the reasonably, unimaginatively named

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