This pairs the AIRcable with the partner specified with the address. The manual mode is designed to give Bluetooth support to devices that cannot run a full Bluetooth stack. It is the only null-modem adapter that wires pin 9 for power. Every AIRcable SerialWifi is shipped with a free null-modem adapter that is used to convert the male serial plug to a female serial plug and a USB-power plug cable. Wait for 3 seconds before issuing another command. See power plug information.

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Once you have the program up and running set the parameters for the new terminal connection to the following:.

AIRcable SerialWiFi

In cable-mode, two AIRcable devices are paired together and create a connection with one another so no other device can interfere. Most terminal programs by default have what’s called echoing turned off. The advantage to this is that it does not require pairing or bonding with the other end.

In addition the module can be set into 5 different modes which allows it to be independent. The AIRcable Serial5 module has a male type DB9 connector which can be adapted to a female type connector with our included null-modem adapter that supports power-on-pin9.


I have a Air Cable brand Bluetooth USB to serial adapter I need to get working many end users of the previous version of the software have this and use it.

It is a 3 digit decimal value with leading zeros to this formula: Then it will be not discoverable and will allow connections only from the paired partner.

AIRcable SerialWiFi

This is just an example. The name has to be exactly 8 characters long. There are two different versions available: Third letter enables the external baud rate switches: The process will take a sreial seconds during which the AIRcable will not respond to any commands.

If the terminal program tells you you’re connected but nothing shows up, don’t panic. It uses the PIN number configured before.

Remember to configure it to your needs. The AIRcable becomes discoverable and will be in pairing mode if no pairing information has been stored. Preconfigured and Ready for Action. The pairing information has been stored in iarcable flash memory and the two AIRcable modules will connect automatically when they are powered on. Print or set “Class Of Device”.

[PATCH][RFC] Add AIRcable USB Bluetooth Dongle Driver

Because the AIRcable is designed to replace physical connections, you can run the same software that would normally support a physical cable. It will keep the pin number and the name. Again with WinSSD, all is well.


At the end it will print “OK”. Solution Tech Specs Support. I have checked with the manufacturer Air Cable and once the correct drivers are loaded, this device is aircanle seen as a serial device, not a bluetooth and my application only needs to communicate the same as it would with any serial port.

Thank you for purchasing an AIRcable. Message 1 of 1. See power plug information. The following commands are useful only in manual mode. This way you can move between scanners without changing the configuration. Fully Programmable and Configureable. Order this if serizl need an external power supply and cannot provide power to the AIRcable Serial modules through pin 9 of the DB9 connector. Once you have the program up and running set the parameters for the new terminal connection to the following: