No such file or directory May 19 No such file or directory”. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. It’s essentially here so people can find it: Vladimir Kravets vova-kravets wrote on

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HID Cards : ActivID ActivKey USB Tokens

In previous version of Ubuntu after insert ActiveKey Sim token it was light green after a few second. As I understood this handle by pcscd.

This page describes the PKCS 11 style cards. Unknown May 19 Vladimir Kravets vova-kravets wrote on On the maverik system on the another machine as working well Thu May 19 The log in 6 does not include any error message.

Some vendors provide binary closed source drivers for Linux, but it is not always necessary to use these drivers.

USB disconnect, address 4 May 19 Activkey Sim 00 linkx May 19 Email me about changes to this bug report.


This software is rarely free software within the principles of the Debian Free Software Guidelines – however, the software on the Debian system is completely free.

Some vendors are selling multiple different hardware devices under the same product name!

ActivID ActivKey USB Tokens

Ludovic Rousseau ludovic-rousseau-gmail wrote on Activkey Sim 00 00 Thu Activkkey 19 Smartcards are used with cryptographic keys to ensure that their private half is never on any hard disk or other general storage device, and therefore that it cannot possibly be stolen because there’s only one possible copy of it. Are you confirm that this issue is not your’s?

By carefully selecting the right combination of smart cards and card readers, a fully functional system can be implemented with Debian There are two main types of solution on Debian, the OpenPGP based cards or the PKCS 11 style cards.

Smartcards last modified USB disconnect, address 6 May 19 Most physical key “dongles” also implement a chip card interface device CCID and so can be used as smartcards, even though you can never remove the smartcard from the “reader”.


Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Is it right or not? This bug affects 1 person.

Please close this defect, open new one for coolkey. Ok, thanks o a lot No such file or directory”.

Comment on this change optional. See full activity log. In the Natty after insert it was always light red. It’s essentially here so people can find it: No such file or directory May 19 If you still can’t use your Activkey Sim you should report the bug to the package prividing libcoolkeypk USB disconnect, activkwy 5May 19