Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The specs of the screen are fairly standard for the 22″ market: If you are planning on watching a lot of movies on your screen, you may want to consider a screen which is VA or IPS based, but if you are an occasional viewer, and want to get a cheaper screen, the Acer is pretty decent. Should you choose to use both inputs, use of a screwdriver to tighten the thumbscrews is pretty much mandatory, at least for the two screws that are nearest each other. Nevertheless, despite being a no-frills offering, the ALW was a quite attractive display, certainly not looking out of place in an office space.

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I check the specs on both and I found very little difference.

I guess I a2216 going to have to buy a new graphics card which supports x Mark Aal2216 on Facebook’s Despite the screen having quite good viewing angles for a TN Film panel, the use of this technology can still let the screen down if you don’t take care to line your view up.

Click to enlarge The side bezels are reasonably narrow, so if you’re interested in setting up a multi-display environment this unit should work pretty well.

Acer AL2216 Manuals

Not everyone will prefer a larger LCD that doesn’t al221 the native resolution, but considering the price is only slightly more than a comparable 20″ LCD users basically get to choose between increasing size or saving a bit of money. That’s a heck of a deal, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that the ALW did pretty well in our testing as well. It had the best image of the monitors on display.


The axer cabinet, the look, the screen are all acceptable.

Acer AL Specs – CNET

I asked what the differences were between the four Acer 22 inch monitors and the tech guy did not know. The monitors smaller than 22 inches are shorter and have less pixels than the same size 4: If you’re not in need of immediate support, dealing with a afer sluggish web interface is probably better than sitting on the phone.

Testing the screen with colour gradients showed no noticeable grading or banding of colours. I am very pleased with the whole package.

Acer AL Manuals

The monitor came packaged well in a surprisingly thin box. After determining that the display was nonfunctional, Acer had us pack up the ap2216 sans base and ship it to them. The telephone support wasn’t much better, as hold times in several tests were over 30 minutes, with the longest hold time being 40 minutes.

Silver bezel acrr black base stand. So the choice for me was 22 inch wide screen. For all but professional colour work, the ALW is very good at default settings. In standby mode it glows stronger strangely! We have looked at several high-end LCDs recently, and perhaps not surprisingly we found that the 24″ and larger Acef have xl2216 been good offerings overall.

Images and everything else look great. I told him I wanted to see the box and check out the specs. That means your display would need to have 22 or more bad subpixels before Acer would replace it – or only two bad pixels in the center of the screen. Stay up to date: I sent e-mails to Matrox and Acer. Panel uniformity is very good, and responsiveness and viewing angles are adequate and in keeping with the rest of the modern TN Film generation.


I asked about the return and they said I had 14 days.

So the choice for me was 22 inch wide screen. Despite the screens quite large pixel pitch of 0.

Most of the remaining functions are pretty straightforward. One of the main considerations when choosing a screen for watching movies and video are the viewing angles.

Central Time and Sunday at 8 a. I checked everywhere I could and I can not find a way to open the new driver file. Obviously there is a technology difference to consider here, but for many average users, the larger screen size and lower price are more attractive.

Should you choose to use both inputs, use al22216 a screwdriver to tighten the thumbscrews is pretty much mandatory, at least for the two screws that are nearest each other.